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What's Vigi HD?

VigiHD is a brand offering a security system at the top of technology with a wide selection of devices related to this system.

The most complete system

With its new presence controls, VigiHD completes its entire security system. It is possible to link the different devices together.

The most powerful software

The VigiHD software simplifies configuration and allows you to manage employee schedules, time restrictions, justified absences and report exports. It allows video intercom, access and presence users to be grouped together and share the same database

The best terminals at the best price

VigiHD offers a wide range of devices capable of meeting the most demanding installations. You can have economical devices with biometrics, from fingerprint recognition to facial recognition.

The future: artificial intelligence

Truesense is based on artificial intelligence applied to video surveillance devices. It can achieve up to 90% efficiency.